“… I cherish my own relationship with places and with nature and I imagine the proliferation of similar relationships all over the world. I feel our rootedness and interconnectedness.  Exploring such ideas and nuturing such connections is a very hopeful thing to do.”


Brought up in a forestry village in Mid-Wales and later a Dartmoor longhouse, Jane Veitch has always lived in remote, rural places.  Her deeply felt relationship with her natural surroundings and her strong sense of place have their roots in childhood experience.

Jane’s focus moved north when she went to university in Edinburgh.  Through the mountaineering club she discovered a new and wonderful country and her long association with Scotland, and in particular with its’ western seaboard, began here.

Jane has now lived and worked in Northumberland for over thirty years and has a studio in the Tyne valley.  Her local stretch of the River South Tyne is a recurring motif in her work.

Nonetheless, she is constantly drawn back to the Scottish west coast and islands where much of her work has its origin.

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