Artist’s Statement

Paying Attention

My work is a way of paying attention to the natural world of which I am an integral part.  I feel  a need to negotiate a legitimate place for a human consciousness in our modern, human-threatened world and come closest to doing this in the forgotten places at the margins of cultivation, or in the wildernesses that have been pushed out to the edges of our archipelago.

I aim to capture something of the energy and emotion generated through immersion in these liminal places and then use it to produce something more considered once back in the studio.

The process of making itself involves finding, losing, reconstituting – to uncover or recover an image through the layering and abrading of materials and ideas is an exciting and visceral thing.

Recent work combines wet and dry media which facilitates this type of process.  The collaged pieces allow for an element of energetic physical response which is later torn up, altered and re-assembled.  They become three-dimensional objects which claim space and cast shadows of their own.

My practice usually consists of concentrated working expeditions where I encounter and absorb experiences of place and of wildness and of being a part of the natural world.  This is followed by a longer and more meditative time in the studio where a process of distillation takes place using both memory and collected material.